Adventurous Weekend

This is crazy, I spent a loootttt for this weekend!
Friday watched max payne n eat @ manhattan fish market. Shopping at carefour too.

Saturday go to 1u, eat @sushi zanmai (yummm~) n watched 10 promises to my dog.
meet Socks, a cute golden =3
This movie has simple storyline yet touchy, damn it made me cry and caused my eyes as big as meatballs. Very touchy n good for dog lover, if u hv dogs, u will love n appreciate
ur dog more. I heard most girls crying and blowing their noses, and I did it secret and silently hha. There is book fest also @ 1u, I bought 3 for 15rm, good novels.

This morning i went to 1u to see Dog Festival with my friends n their dog. aaaaa i can meet a lot of dogssss, i love mini pom and pug! Cihuahua, hush puppies and those small dogs are sooo cuteee. There are siberian husky, labrador,dobberman, german sherperd, n lots of gigantic tough guys. I can even meet Socks, a golden retriever hihi. Golden is the most favourite dogs I guess, because I see a lot of people has golden.

Then I went for lunch to Ampang  Avenue with my friend Nyo2 and Xinon, my previous lecturer.
We ate non halal food, yeyyyy. BBQ Korean pork =L

I was careless and touched the gas stove.
Yaikk it’s damn hot,, hikhik, my kneeee T.T

Since Xinon wanted to order beer, I advised him to try Soju.
Korean sake which tasted like nail polish remover.

This is the worst drunk ever, I drank almost 5 glasses, and it caused my heart to pound faster, coughing, dizzy and drowsy as well.
My face is as red as crab x.x Nyo2 get dunk also, but she didn’t drink as much as I do T.T

We continued our journey to sentral market, this is my first time to be there. The art galleries are beautiful, creative and cool as well! I can’t enjoy much since my head is soo heavy. Then we stop by @ one tea house. I ordered a cold drink and fell asleep for 15minutes. Damn heavyyy my head is. I won’t get drunk that bad again, I hate it ==”

This weekend is crazy but fun!

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My Herooooo T___T

Noooooo ~o, O
My fridge is not working since 3days ago
All my meats are spoiled, rotten and stink!
hikhik my Lamb, squid and chicken...
then we rescued every last food stocks we have to our friend's

and todae!!! my hero supposed to be coming to fix my louphly fridge >=D

somewhere in the evening....
housemate: "ow Mr. Pati the hero, please save our fridgeeee"
hero: "okeeee! will come at 5pm"



7pm.... I already went home and make dinner

8 pm... Eating while watching heroes season 3 epi. 4 (aaa I want moreeee)

housemate: "Mr. Pati, where r u???"
hero: "ok ok, 15minutesssssss"

9pm... I fell asleep

9.30 pm...I took a bath

10.00 pm... writing this blog... and rite now no signs he'll appear =="

haiyaaaaaa, when will u come mr. hero aaa~???
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Jeng Jengggg!!

Jeng Jeng!!!


Finally took 2 hours ++ to finish the cooking
yum yummmm~ here's the result

left to right : meatballs, fried noddle, chili tofu, veggie soup(watercress n chinese cabbage)

The best is the meatballs!! yummieee~

My housemate, Astri is doing cool stuff!
She cuts the shallots by wearing my goggle hahahah. She couldn't stand on the striking spiciness of it. Too bad I couldn't snapshot her because I'm busy cutting chicken. So here's my goggle.

There's a hell of dishes n cleaning that we should do, but the hardwork pays off =D
We cooked for dinner and tomorrow's lunchbox too hihi
I louph cooking =3


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Happy Sundayyy~

Sunday morning, I planned to jog with my friends on 7.30 am. What a healthy thing to do eh?
Eventhough I'm chubby, I love sports u noee...
swimming, fitness and jogging.

Well the thing is...
I couldn't wake up


luckily my jogging partner did the same thing

we both are enjoying our happy sunday in bed=p
rolling on the bed, cuddling the pillow, warming inside my blanket... don't forget Xiao Mei, i always sleep with hugging it.
Eventhough at the next morning Xiao Mei will be found lying on the floor or at my feet hahaha.. poor Xiao Mei
ZZZZZzzzz ZZzzzzzz zzzz~

It's all because I watched pathology until 2am. Yayyyy, the movie is insane =,=". Peter Petrelli going wild here
I can't stop complaining about the movie, who has the right to kill people? even in the name of science... hmm I just couldn't agree with it hehe. I also felt like wathcing porn hahaha. They are free to do it on the screen man!@,@

The point is happy sundaaeeeee, enough sleeps made me happy hahaha. okayyy gotta go make lunch!
Cooking time with my housemate=D
Today's special:
Semur bebola daging (err... meatballs in sweet soy sauce?)
Tahu cabai (Spicy Tofu)
Bakwan mi (Fried Noodle Balls)
Selada air tumis (Watercress)

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My 1st Blog! =D

My first blog! Yayy~


It took me a long time to finally made one. I love journal, u can write down all ur thoughts and daily activities. An open place to pour ur minds. After all I’m forgetful person, I almost forgot what had happened last year/2years ago. Phew~ so writing down is a gud way, to keep our memories safe hehehe. So if sumday I lost my memory, hope this blog will bring them back=p


A brief intro about me:

I’m a pinkie-lover girl who loves pig much much
*if u see my pictures bellow, my clothes are all pink hahaha,80% in my wardrobe is pink! now dominated by black though huhu*

I’m a mother of three, pleased to meet Xiao Mei, Mama Mei and Puspita

Hehehe I got them from my honey(my 15th/ 16th b’day?), his mom(Valentine’s day 2008) and the small one from my best friend (hubbie puspita during my 19th b’day)

This is my hunidut, named fredy (a.k.a Chen De Mei; too sweet huh?) I like no.24 because of him hehe. This 24th will b my 5th years with him=)

I used to have long hair. hihi which one looks better on me?

I’m desperate of money huhu, hv to earn a lot to help my family survive. I’m the eldest by the way. I hv a cool dad, talkative motha, macho sista and crazy brotha. They’re all in
Indonesia except my sister, she studies in Singapore, NAFA.

I love foooddd


And ffooooooddd again, slurrpp~=L

I can’t stop wasting money n gaining weight because of them hikhik,

But what can I say??

I love them hehe, food hunting is totally fun=D

*that’s why my friends call me a pig too huaaaa T, T*


Errr I think that’s it for the intro. Still a lot more to come, but…


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